The world's fastest online code explorer

Fluent is an online code explorer that lets anyone who comes to your project in the browser read, browse and search the code with all the comfort of their favorite editor.

Simply install it on-premise, configure the git repositories you want it to mirror, and it will serve up a fast, ergonomic view of the codebase for everyone on your team to enjoy.

Instant Search

Find what you want instantly within the repository. Fluent search is so fast you get as-you-type feedback on what kind of results you will find, helping you narrow your search to find the code you need.

Visualize the history of your repository

Unlike other online tools like Github or Bitbucket, Fluent helps you visualize exactly how the commits in a repository are laid out, so you can better understand how the codebase developed over time.

Annotate and understand your code

With Fluent, the historical context of every line code you look at is all at your fingertips. Easily dig into the past to understand how the code became the way it is.

Scales to repositories of any size

Fluent provides its blazing-fast online searching and browsing experience on repositories of any size, even large ones with hundreds of thousands of files, commits, and millions of lines of code

Feature Tour

If you're still not sure how Fluent can help in your daily work, this video should give you a good tour of the key features and functionality that Fluent provides:

Explore Open Source Repositories

Although Fluent needs to be installed on-premise on your own server, there is an online public demo site that anyone can log into. This lets you play around with Fluent yourself, trying out its functionality in large real-world codebases.

Apart from the Demo site, which contains a mix of different languages, Fluent also hosts popular libraries from a few popular programming languages. Even if you haven't set up Fluent to explore your own code, you can still use it to browse and search the code of popular libraries. Popular libraries from the following languages are currently available:


Fluent is currently available in two ways:

Community Edition

  • Free
  • <= 30 Users

For teams of 30 people or less, you can simply download Fluent, configure which repositories you want to mirror, and you are good to go.

If you run into trouble setting it up, drop by our public Gitter chatroom and someone will help you out:

Or you can email us at

Pro Edition

  • Contact Us
  • Unlimited Users

If you wish to use Fluent for larger teams of more than 30 people, contact us at or simply leave your email here: