Frequently Asked Questions

What about the security of my company's code?

Fluent is self-hosted and installed on premise on a server you control. None of your code would leave the server. The Fluent team will not have access to your codebase at all.

Does Fluent accommodate multi-tenancy?

Fluent Enterprise provides fine-grained access control. Admins can create user groups and assign repos to different user groups.

What's the installation process like?

Fluent has an easy step-by-step installation process. The estimated time taken for installation is 30 minutes. Fluent also provides dedicated support for installation for enterprise clients.

How does Fluent fit into the common engineering workflow?

Fluent aggregates codebases in your company, so that any engineer would be able to browse and search code in the company's entire codebase in the browser without downloading anything. Fluent does not replace IDE, text editors and GitHub/BitBucket. With its high-performance architecture and user-friendly design, Fluent makes it extremely easy to browse and search code.

How does Fluent enable different teams work better together?

Fluent makes it much easier to understand other teams' codebases and that could cut down the time spent on meetings significantly. Fluent enables engineers to send quick links of code snippets or search results when they discuss code with others online.

Does Fluent instance have access to private repos?

You can give your Fluent instance access to private repos during configuration, as described in the installation page.

Does Fluent provide single sign-on?

Fluent provides single sign-on for Gmail, Microsoft and GitHub. Fluent can accommodate request for other email clients.

Why Fluent instead of open-source code search tool?

Currently, the open-source code search tools such as livegrep, Hound, OpenGrok provides basic text search for source code only, they do not provide any browsing, history search and advanced code search, which are common in daily engineering workflow. Below is a list of some additional features Fluent has compared to the aforementioned tools.

  • Navigate quickly using folder trees
  • view all commits and their details
  • view commits of a file or a folder
  • view last commit for each line in a file
  • visualize commits
  • Highlight text to search
  • Search in branch
  • Search in folders
  • Search by extension
  • Search by author
  • Quick link to code snippets
  • Quick link to search results
  • Easy installation with free support
  • Email, Google or Github login for team members
How many seats do I need to pay for my organization?
  • If the number of accounts given access to your organization's Fluent instance is <= 30, Fluent is free.

  • If the number is >30, they will all count towards your organization's total paid seats.

How can I remove or add users?

In the configuration file, you can add new accounts or remove existing accounts which can access your organization's Fluent instance. Pricing will be adjusted in the following monthly billing cycle.

If you have any questions free free to email us at We appreciate any feedback.